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Welcome to the era of data marketing!

In 15 years, marketing has shifted from communication driven to technology driven. The future marketer is as much an expert on customer challenges as on the opportunities offered by technology to better understand, reach and engage them.


The omnipresence of data


The multiplication of data collection methods, storage capacities and analytical technologies, and the challenges in the use and protection of customer data are revolutionising the role of a marketer.

In just a few years, marketing has become data-driven: we define our strategies on the basis of KPIs, and track actions and measure their effectiveness in real time. Consumer data is a gold mine, providing critical information about consumer expectations, purchasing behavior, decisional patterns, and much more.

Techno-marketing, the logical continuation​


SEO, SEA, SMA, RTB, marketing automation, retargeting, CLTV optimisation, CRM...: an array of very advanced technologies (based on data) now underpin all the marketing actions of any truly digital company.

Data-scientists and data-analysts are at the intersection of retail and technology; they provide the decision support needed for marketing and retail. There is no doubt: we cannot do without.

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