Media acquisition

Talk to your consumers wherever they are​!

Many new consumers would love your brand – if they new you! To be identified, accustomed to and eventually adopted, your brand must be present in the audience hubs of your target group and leverage the appropriate and effective tactics of acquisition.

The challenge is to know where and how to reach your consumers.

Your challenges


Our clients usually contact us with one of the following acquisition related issues:

  • Developing the reputation of brands, products or services
  • Generating qualified traffic on their website, e-commerce site or physical point of sale
  • Generating sales online or at the point of sale
  • Optimising the performance of their conversion funnel (see the graph)
At each stage, we support our clients to identify and track the relevant control points (= KPIs) that will assess the impact of each campaign and the progress made.

Our expertise


At Qwamplify, we deploy acquisition solutions - mostly performance-based - using the best digital technologies available today.

We support our clients on the following areas:

  • SEO
  • SEA & SMA (= social ads)
  • emailing
  • Co-Registration
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Multichannel Display and Cross-screen Media
  • RTB
  • Multichannel Retargeting & Traffic re-engagement

In parallel, we design and deploy tailor-made brand experiences that quickly establish proximity to customers (gaming, chatbots, digital advocacy, etc.) with a high potential for engagement.


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