Innovation Lab

Together, let's invent the future !

At Qwamplify, ideas flourish everywhere. Let's share some thoughts, ideas, solutions, suggestions, developments, and explorations... 

We work according to a principle of open innovation: you are most welcome to participate in our reflections; and why not then experiment together!

Here are some of the solutions we already offer to our clients:


"Customer Story" Platform

Acquisition, engagement, games, content, promotions, benefits, advocacy .... The Customer Story Platform aggregates multiple solutions, tools, and apps that are seamlessly integrated and interfaced so you can deploy all relevant interactions with each of your consumers - anywhere, at the right time. Aggregating all these interactions in the same dynamic flow, on the same interface, enables you to keep control of your own consumer data, and manage your customer relationships in a simple, fluid and efficient way.

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Promotional Risk Management (PRM)

As a recognized expert in sales promotion management, Qwamplify is the only promotional partner registered at the ORIAS (Single Register of Intermediaries in Bank and Finance Insurance), which enables us to offer 100% secure solutions for sales promotional operations.
Our concept, "Dare to succeed, we take the risk for you" gives you the opportunity to design and budget your promotional plans without taking any risk on the rate of return. A mandatory service to be able to bring you relevant interactions customised for each consumer in your database, which implies a very wide range of themes and mechanisms available for each brand.

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Custom digital coupon

Retailers / Networks: AMAZON is coming ... This is not necessarily the right time to preserve the retail models of yesterday.... Qwamplify's R&D teams are developing - in collaboration with data management leaders, the first omni-channel digital coupon, on a single platform that also brings together acquisition, engagement and real-time reporting ...
A sytem blocking all fraud, and allowing the point of sale to collect refunds faster and easier ... while acquiring consumer data, to start an extraordinary "Consumer story"!

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Mobile engagement

Qwamplify brings together the most advanced mobile technologies on the market in terms of push notifications and CRM.
Being a pioneer means bearing the responsibility, especially in terms of scalability and debugging!
Join us in exploring the boldest ideas, and let's build the future of your brands together to stay ahead of the competition.

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Your data belong to you

This is what guides our vision of digital and data. Our solutions are all designed to be self-administered, used by marketers without specific technological knowledge. And above all, they are designed to be integrated and hosted in your own information systems. 
We also provide the possibility to implement the "Customer Story Platform" as a complete suite or as separate elements according to our customer needs. 

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Mobile Media Index (MMI)

The creation and maintenance of an app represents a significant cost for a brand. In addition, apps are often uninstalled by the end-users or lost in the abyss of app stores.
So how can brands limit the Churn and make their application live in time?
The Mobile Media Index™ (MMI™) is a performance indicator, which measures your app usage in real-time, regardless of the activity and sector. MMI™ enables you to benchmark the audience’s app usage and segment your users, based on lifetime value of their app usage. The MMI™ enables you to benchmark the audience’s app usage and segment your mobile users, based on the value of this consumption. A user with a higher MMI, has a greater propensity to engage with the brands's marketing and editorial actions. By tracking the MMI over time, you can minimise your app uninstall rate and increase user engagement by, for example, adapting your marketing campaigns to the user behaviour.

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We have been awarded the "Innovative Company" label by Bpifrance