Hager Services
Hager Services
Hager Services
Enjeux :

Alert individuals in real time (connected home)

Ensure a better customer experience and best meet their needs

Ce que nous avons fait :

Support in the strategy definition

Implementation of the Audience+ Enterprise solution

Technical support

Resultats :

Connected Home solution with a program to alert individuals in real time, and analyse their behaviour on the use of the application.

Enhanced customer experience.

“The seriousness, the agility, the technical expertise and the finesse of methodological analysis of the Audience+ team enabled us to co-build our "connected home" offer for the security, comfort and satisfaction of our customers. Audience+ convinced us of the relevance of their solution, geared towards unitary push notifications and personalised campaigns. They supported us in the project development and guaranteed the success of the program to alert individuals in real time and analyse their use of the application.” 

- Julien Maillard, Digital Director, Hager Services