Relevant interactions, or nothing!

Your market, your database, and your previous campaigns consist of many consumers that are already aware of your brand but have not yet consumed your products. A pool of potential customers is just waiting to be engaged!


Your challenges


Are you aware that you have an untapped reputation in another market segment? It's time to introduce you and your products / services to those prospects with a potential interest, to generate interactions that will boost your sales.

The common activation issues that brings brands to Qwamplify are:

  • Better exploitation of consumer databases
  • Triggering impulse purchases
  • Reviving prospects that are already aware of your brand
  • Reactivating dormant customers
  • Redefining tactical positioning


Our expertise


We design for our clients simple and secure activation and engagement solutions to boost their consumer base and to build lasting emotional connections them.

By leveraging leading digital technologies, we help you increase your relevant customer presence via:

  • Smart sales promotions *, aiming to trigger a purchase from prospects with no intention to purchase;
  • Push notifications, to make your brand visible to prospects, to communicate and interact with them at any time;
  • Marketing Automation, to design short and medium-term personalised interactions with your prospects and boost your chances of converting them into customers.

* Promotional activation is our historical activity. We have deployed thousands of promotional programs in Europe for over 20 years, using comprehensive platforms (PromoPlace...) and powerful concepts (Fixed fee, PRM...) to boost sales by employing creative tactics and strengthening the relationships between brands and their consumers.




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