Acquisition marketing: 5 reasons to try co-registration

24 Apr 2018
Acquisition marketing: 5 reasons to try co-registration

You are an Advertiser: Do you want to increase your traffic and boost your sales by sending newsletters? CO-REGISTRATION is the lever you need! There is nothing better to enrich your prospect database with qualified intentional profiles. Have you already tested this acquisition tactic?

Also known as co-subscription, CO-REGISTRATION enables to take advantage of a subscriber's subscription to, for example, a newsletter to collect targeted, opt-in consumer profiles in a performance-based way. It consists of an advertiser logo, a tagline and an individualised check box. For example, when filling out a newsletter subscription form for the “Femme Actuelle” magazine, the subscriber has the possibility to check an additional opt-in box to subscribe to the newsletter of the Gémo fashion brand.


Do you represent a Brand and would like to know more about CO-REGISTRATION?



1. A highly targeted and qualitative tactic of acquisition

Since it is based on a strong affinity link between the media audience and the brand, CO-REGISTRATION enables to acquire highly targeted and qualified profiles (= emails). It is one of the most efficient acquisition tactics for developing your prospect database. If the user agrees, they can receive content (newsletter, coupons, exclusive benefits...) of your brand by checking a dedicated and explicitly named opt-in box. After it’s up to you to create the connection!

⚠ Attention: a check box that sometimes appears and reads: "I agree to receive offers from the partners of X", has nothing to do with CO-REGISTRATION. This type of “partner opt-in” check box allows platforms on which the users are registering, to monetise their emails to 3rd party partner brands. They do not mention any specific brand name and thus do not guarantee that the user has any explicit interest in an advertiser or another.

On the contrary, CO-REGISTRATION, with a unique logo, tagline and check box enables individualised affinity consent of the user.

CO-REGISTRATION is a guarantee of the user’s voluntary adhesion to your Brand, explicitly.


2. A 100% performance-based model focused on ROI

CO-REGISTRATION is considered the opt-in data collection tactic with the best value for money on the market, thanks to a performance-based model that clearly defines costs upstream.

As an advertiser, you will only pay for the number of addresses collected: the cost model is cost per lead (CPL). You only pay for the number of leads you have decided to collect, without exceeding your budget.

In addition, thanks to deduplication of addresses collected on your existing database and replacement of hard bounces, you collect and pay for 100% new and 100% valid addresses!


3. An easy technique to implement

CO-REGISTRATION is characterised by its ease of implementation:

  • it does not require any sophisticated tools

  • it does not require any specific marketing knowledge

The only challenge for the advertisers is to consider the media network on which their co-registration module will be positioned.

But do not panic: several providers (including Advertise-Me - see end of article) have a rich and well-qualified network of publishers to help you target the right audience.


4. A tactic that can be leveraged in several contexts

CO-REGISTRATION (or co-subscription) can be used for all your database enrichment issues. Whether it is upstream of a considerable communication operation or the focus is to increase your prospect database, this technique allows you to pace the collection pace according to your needs.

Several possibilities exist with different collection capacities and qualitative objectives:

  • contests, surveys and product testing, for example, offer CO-REGISTRATION modules following a form subscription. This is the methodology used by the vast majority of agencies to collect opt-ins, by taking advantage of the traffic generated on  these considerable marketing operations. This is the so-called "classical" CO-REGISTRATION

  • • being present on high traffic media sites as a result of their own newsletter subscriptions is what we call the premium (or Media) CO-REGISTRATION. Very few agencies can offer such media network with higher quality leads collected.

Before embarking for the first time in the CO-REGISTRATION, think about this distinction, and for the sake of quality, always favour premium COREGISTRATION.


5. A lead generation already 100% "GDPR-compliant"

All marketers know that from May 25, 2018 all companies must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

CO-REGISTRATION complies with these regulations, since the Brand explicitly states to the Internet user how their personal data will be used (receipt of a monthly newsletter, regular receipt of coupons or benefits, etc.) and there is no pre-ticking or incentive to register. It is a clear and precise consent via an active approach of the user.

When the user checks the subscription box, it is therefore with full knowledge of the facts. As a Brand, be careful however, to give the users the opportunity to access, modify or delete all the data concerning them. It is a legal obligation.


⚡ Convinced by CO-REGISTRATION?

CO-REGISTRATION is an excellent acquisition tool, which guarantees the acquisition of qualified profiles, with controlled acquisition cost, without specific expertise, in different contexts and in compliance with the regulations on personal data (GDPR).


Want to know more?

Contact our CO-REGISTRATION experts from Qwamplify or Advertise-Me for further questions or to discuss the opportunities available.

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